Dope Minds.

You might ask yourself, who could be able to express such style, elegance, and ART as this? The answer would be two pre-teens were capable to construct such masterpieces. Their first masterpiece which CTW evolved from; Dope Crafts. These men worked tirelessly to make the Dope Crafts x CTW chain what it is today and would ONLY work in order to make the DCCTW company SUCCEED!

They are Keigan Greaves and Victor Daniels.
Keigan Greaves, a regular kid, learned the ropes from Tumblr, Blogspot, and other online sensations that cater to style, art, and fashion. As time evolved worked hard to achieve what he achieved. He's worked tirelessly to update the Dope Crafts facebook and keep the fanbase alive! Now, he stands tall at the Dope Crafts company as President and Co-Founder.
Victor Daniels, another regular kid, learned the rope of style, fashion, and art from different sources. He was able to learn from others unlike Greaves. He worked with such ambition that he finally designed Dope Crafts their first official tee and is still working to make more. He stands proud at Dope Crafts as Co-Founder and CEO.


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